Claquettes et Tongs pour hommes

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Découvre le style unique des claquettes et tongs homme adidas. Conçues pour allier look cool et performances de pointe, elles seront tes meilleures alliées au bord de la piscine et durant les journées estivales.
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Claquette Comfort
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2 2 couleurs disponibles - Voir ci-dessous Core Black / Grey Five / Grey Five Core Black / Grey Five / Grey Five
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Hommes Sportswear
Claquette Adilette
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Hommes Originals
Claquette Adilette
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Hommes Originals

Here are some of the unbeatable adidas sandals for men features

The adidas sandals for men's superior design aims to provide comfort in every environment. Featuring the most durable materials, they are great for the most active and outdoorsy lifestyles. You can confidently have them on your feet anywhere and still feel relaxed and stylish. The technology behind their construction includes soft cloudfoam and a contoured yet highly supportive footbed. For example, although the sandals provide a nice bouncy feel, you also get a massive energy return with every step you take. The EVA outsole for these sandals helps with lightness and shock absorption. The slip-on/off feature of the adidas slides for men enables you to put them on or remove them as quickly as you please. The sandals' waterproof construction makes them your perfect all-weather slip-on without fear of quick wear and tear. Lastly, the sandals' minimal design makes them a perfect shoe that doesn't shout. It only demonstrates how cool and stylish you are.

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adidas sandals for men are your perfect foot massager. If you want to relieve and strengthen your feet, these amazing flip-flops would be your choice. They are also your all-time go-to shoes, good at and away from sporting events. You can comfortably wear them anywhere, including at the beach. All adidas slides for men are available in your size and favourable colour. These sandals will sort you out whether you're a lover of greys, blues, white, or even black.

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If there is a sandal for men that needs minimal maintenance and care, this is it. Whenever you feel they need a little TLC to remove dirt, all you need is a bucket of lukewarm water and a few drops of detergent. Drop the flip-flops in, gently scrub with a soft brush to wash and leave them out to dry.